Pathways to Success:
About Us

Meet Bideako’s Owner and Founder, Anamarie Lopategui

My Story:

I’ve always been a go-getter. In 1963, my dad immigrated to the United States from the Basque Country in search of a better life. He spent several years in the mountains of Nevada and California as a sheepherder before starting his own business. He instilled a strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and an “I can do anything I set my mind to” attitude in both his children. I’m forever grateful to him for doing this.

Growing up, I played sports in high school and continued to play collegiate soccer. I studied biology and criminal justice and went on to earn a master’s degree. While working on my degree, I became a business owner for the first time. I eventually sold this first successful business and switched paths to teach high school biological sciences. I enjoyed teaching tremendously and learned many invaluable skills. When life changed course again, I decided to return to my path as an entrepreneur - this time as a restaurant owner. I rebranded and grew a restaurant to a highly successful local icon before eventually selling it to pursue new paths. Creating, building and operating businesses is truly where my passion lies.

I understand the struggles and commitment that it takes to be a business owner. It took me nearly a decade to finally find the work-life balance that is crucial to avoid burnout and to devote the creative energy to grow and evolve my businesses. I started Bideako so that I can share my experience and knowledge with other business owners and managers to help them realize their potential and reach their business dreams.

About Bideako:

At Bideako, we’re here to get to know each client and to understand their unique needs. From there, we can set up personalized systems to free up your valuable time and energy so that you can have harmony not only at work, but also in your life outside of work.   

In the Basque language of Euskera, bidea means “path.” Whether you’re in need of a partner to bounce ideas off of, improve the systems and processes of your business or just someone to take on some of those time consuming administrative tasks, Bideako is here to help you find your pathways to success.

We Can Help You Find Your Pathways To Success!

Our Services

Bideako provides the resources you need to help your business reach its potential. We can allow you to spend more time working ON your business instead of just working IN it.

Bideako offers Online Business Management (OBM) services.

OBM | Business Management 

It's difficult to manage it all! Bideako can manage projects, set up systems and processes and even help with the day to day operations of your business and how customers are serviced. 

Bideako Pathways to Success provides virtual assistance to take on administrative tasks.

VA | Virtual Assistance

It's challenging to stay organized. We free up your valuable time by taking on administrative tasks such as scheduling, time management,data entry, general organization and much more. We wear many hats!

Bideako business consulting takes care of everything from branding to creating your story.

Business Consulting

Every business needs a story to set it apart. We can help you focus on that story and use it to create your business brand that carries through everything from logo to marketing and the services you provide.

Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”
- Anne Sweeney