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Coaching restaurant and small business owners from launch to 7-digits and beyond! 

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Anamarie Lopategui is the founder and owner of Bideak and an online business manager and virtual assistant.

I'm Anamarie, Founder and Owner of Bideako

With almost two decades of experience owning, operating, growing and eventually selling several successful businesses, I started Bideako so that I can partner with entrepreneurs like you to strategically launch, brand and grow your business in order to reach your loftiest goals. I know the struggles of trying to increase profitability and grow your business while still being buried under the day-to-day management tasks. What if you could have someone with the exact experience needed to walk you through all the steps to reach your business goals?

In the Basque language, bidea means "path." Bideako is here to find your pathway to success!

Life is short. Your dreams are real. Let's do this now!

Are you ready to feel less overwhelmed, grow your business and spend more time on what you enjoy?

Our Services

Bideako provides the resources you need to help your business reach its potential. We can allow you to spend more time working ON your business instead of just working IN it.

Bideako can help launch your business.

Launching a Business 

Whether you’re acquiring an existing business or embarking on a brand-new venture, this package guarantees a confident start. Experience success from day one and set off on the right foot with our unbeatable resources and expert guidance. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your dreams a reality.  

Bideako business consulting takes care of everything from branding to creating your story.

Branding a Business

We can help you expertly craft and amplify your unique story and then seamlessly weave it into your logo, marketing materials and services you provide. Let’s create a distinctive brand that resonates with your audience and drives success.

Your profits will soar with Bideako.

Soaring Profits

Maximize profitability and accelerate growth through a thorough evaluation of your business systems, operations, and employee roles. We'll help you boost business efficiency by meticulously identifying and eliminating profit-draining waste and unnecessary expenses. Together, let's propel our success to unprecedented heights.

Someone You Can Count On!

What if there was someone whose advice you could trust because they’ve already walked in your shoes? What if you had someone on your team that had first-hand experience starting, growing and running a successful business? What if there was someone to generate fresh ideas and see things in a new light? Ok, what if you had a mentor that was passionate about you reaching your business goals? there is!

Bideako and Anamarie Lopategui are someone you can count on to help you start, grow and run a successful business.


\kohch\ noun,
1. a passionate, dedicated individual who unlocks hidden potential and maximizes a team's performance by believing, encouraging, and developing. 

Anamarie Lopategui Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager.